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Fight for Fukushima's children!

To Fukushima Governor Yuhei Sato:

As citizens across Japan we are alarmed at the dangerously high rate of thyroid cancers found in children in your prefecture. While the link between this dramatic increase in thyroid cancers in Fukushima has not yet officially been linked to the nuclear accident, this could be a major health emergency. We ask that you address this national crisis with the urgency it requires by conducting immediate thyroid screenings and blood tests for all children in radiation hotspots so they can have access to the medical treatment they may desperately need.

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Recent signers

Fight for Fukushima's children!

Thyroid cancer rates are dangerously high in Fukushima’s children -- 3 cases are already confirmed and 7 more cases are suspected -- yet the prefectural government is stalling. And the problem could be even more widespread: since the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the rate of thyroid cancer for children in Japan has increased by 75 times. Let’s call on the Governor to urgently address this threat to Fukushima’s children.

Experts are saying what’s needed is immediate screening of children living in hotspots because if detected, thyroid cancer is treatable. But the Fukushima government is using the excuse that there is no evidence linking the cancers to the nuclear disaster, rather than conducting a thorough investigation to prove our children are safe. The Governor is stalling, but a massive national outcry will show him that the citizens across the country want it taken seriously.

The children of Fukushima were not responsible for the nuclear disaster, but they will be the ones who live with the consequences. Sign the petition to Governor Sato and ask him to conduct multiple thyroid cancer screenings and blood tests for all children living in radiation hotspots. When we reach 30,000 signatures, our petition will be delivered directly to Governor Sato. Sign the petition to the right now and help spread the word.

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