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G7: Save the Paris climate deal

To all G7 leaders:

We call on you to move forward with plans to bring carbon emissions to zero through 100% clean energy, and to provide funding to the most vulnerable, regardless of what the US does. We also call on you to send a clear message to Mr Trump that the Paris accord is in global economic and security interests, and ensure the rest of the world speeds up if he slows down. Your leadership is more critical than ever to avoid climate disaster.

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G7: Save the Paris climate deal
Trump is tipped to pull the US out of the Paris Climate agreement in weeks! The only way to save it is to make sure six powerful countries who also signed this global deal stand in his way.

The US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the UK are about to meet at their annual G7 summit. The six say they'll protect Paris, but they could succumb to Trump's back room deals unless people everywhere expose this sham and say, NO WAY.

That's us! This is our global deal signed by 197 countries. We can't let Trump destroy it. Click to demand the six leaders draw a red line around Paris and share this everywhere.

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