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Harper: End the great tax scam

To G8 leaders:

As citizens concerned about companies and criminals stashing wealth out of reach, we call on you to agree and implement tough, binding measures to combat tax evasion. These should include ways to identify and exchange information on all forms of wealth and a public registry of who owns and controls companies. This is a vital part of meeting our social and environmental challenges.

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Send a message now to Prime Minister Harper and Finance Minister Flaherty. The more personal our messages the more impact they will have. Here are some of the points you can make when you write your message:
  • Join the global deal at the G8 to implement tough, binding measures to combat tax evasion.
  • Any agreement must include a public registry of who owns and controls the accounts of companies, trusts and foundations so that no individuals or companies can hide their income in shell companies.
  • I want a system that stops the tax cheats so Canada has more to invest in our schools and hospitals. And my vote will depend on it.
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Harper: End the great tax scam
Stephen Harper promised us he’d clamp down on financial corruption. But right after his own Chief of Staff gets caught paying off a corrupt Senator, Harper is getting set to shield the biggest tax cheats in Canada from paying their fair share, inflating taxes for the rest of us – unless we act fast to stop him.

In 24 hours the world's biggest economies will try to get an agreement to tackle the global menace of tax evasion for the G8 summit in June. Canada is pushing to kill the deal, but with the Conservatives rocked by corruption controversies they'll want to stay as far away from more scandals as possible. If thousands of us join together to pressure Harper and his negotiating team we can get them to support a real deal against tax evaders.

$1 trillion is being lost that could be invested in schools, hospitals and public services and this is the best shot we’ve had in decades to stop this scam. Let's flood Harper and his negotiators with thousands of messages before Thursday’s meeting and turn Canada from blocker to backer. Send a message and get Canada to save the global tax deal.


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