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G8: End the great tax scam

To G8 leaders:

As citizens concerned about companies and criminals stashing wealth out of reach, we call on you to agree and implement tough, binding measures to combat tax evasion. These should include ways to identify and exchange information on all forms of wealth and a public registry of who owns and controls companies. This is a vital part of meeting our social and environmental challenges.

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Recent signers

G8: End the great tax scam
Investigators just revealed that Apple had been hiding $78 billion in profits on which they paid NO taxes -- $0! And the French minister in charge of preventing tax evasion was caught hiding money in secret overseas accounts.

While we pay our taxes, megacorporations and the super-wealthy use fancy lawyering and accounting tricks to hide their money in offshore accounts to avoid taxation, but finally, there’s a real chance to do something about it. The leaders of the world’s eight largest economies are meeting on June 17 to consider a proposal to crack down on these tax cheats who are robbing us of billions of dollars that should be used for our children’s education, our health care and the environment. If they adopt this plan, the world’s twenty largest economies will likely follow suit.

Public ire at tax evasion is reaching a boiling point -- this is our best chance in a generation to make sure everyone pays their fair share. But we need one final massive push to show these leaders the world’s public demands they act. Sign now and when we reach 1 million, we’ll build a giant wall outside their meeting demanding they say “no more to offshore!”

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