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End the great tax scam

To G8 leaders:

As citizens concerned about companies and criminals stashing wealth out of reach, we call on you to agree and implement tough, binding measures to combat tax evasion. These should include ways to identify and exchange information on all forms of wealth and a public registry of who owns and controls companies. This is a vital part of meeting our social and environmental challenges.

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Recent signers

End the great tax scam
We’re getting screwed. Companies like Apple, Amazon, Nike and Starbucks pay sleazy lawyers to hide their money and avoid paying billions in taxes, contributing massively to our economic crisis and cuts to our public services. But now we've got the biggest chance in a generation to right this wrong.

These companies have screwed us for too long - grabbing for themselves the money we need to build schools and hospitals. But with journalists blowing their cover and politicians on the spot for job losses and cuts -- we have a unique chance to crack down on these tax evaders! Let's send our governments a 1-million people strong call before they meet in days!

It’s time to get our money back. Sign our petition for tax justice, then send this email widely so we can reach a million and shift the blocking countries before the meeting starts!

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