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Game over the climate?

President Obama:

As concerned citizens across the United States, who do not want another "Tar Sands Valdez" level disaster ever again, we call on you to stop Keystone XL project, before it begins. We urge you to be the champion of the biggest environmental decision of your presidency.

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Game over the climate?
Photo By: Milan Ilnyckyj
We’re in a 36 hour sprint to stop a pipeline project that experts say could lead to "game over for the climate." Yes, that's right -- game over for the climate!

It's crazy it is even being considered, but Big Oil is pushing hard to get the toxic Keystone XL pipeline to run right through our country. The risks of pumping this tar sands sludge through our prairies and fields are endless, and it could single-handedly set off runaway climate change. But President Obama still has to approve it and people power has already pushed him to refuse it once.

Right now, there is a formal popular consultation running for us to tell the President what we think. The dirty oil industry is pressuring him with all their might to do it. Our voices are the only way to counter their noise - and we only have til Monday. Already 850,000 messages have been sent -- let's push for one million to stop Keystone -- send a message now!


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