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An Indian bank to wreck a world wonder?!

To State Bank of India Chairperson, Arundhati Bhattacharya, and the SBI Board:

As citizens across the world concerned about climate change and the Great Barrier Reef, we call on you to turn down Adani's request for you to finance its controversial Carmichael mine and related infrastructure. A large number of private banks have walked away from this destructive and costly project. In line with your commitment to crack down on bad loans, we urge you to reject this proposal and instead invest in clean power.

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Recent signers

An Indian bank to wreck a world wonder?!

Industrialist Gautam Adani is asking our biggest public sector bank for a loan of 6000 crores to turn one of the world's ecological treasures into a major coal shipping lane. But if we act fast we can block this dirty deal and keep the Great Barrier Reef safe.

UNESCO says the project puts the Reef in danger and eight leading international banks have backed away. But Adani has a lot of clout and he's calling on the State Bank of India to extend a massive loan.The Bank’s Chairwoman has staked her reputation on cracking down on “bad loans” -- and a huge national outcry can persuade her to scrutinise and stop this crazy coal project.

Public pressure has changed other banks’ minds, so let’s turn up the heat on the SBI. Add your name now to say no to this reckless loan -- when a million people sign we’ll prep a dossier outlining its financial and environmental risks, and deliver it to Chairwoman Bhattacharya with a media blitz.

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