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Stop the great plane robbery!

To the CEO's of British Airways, United Air Lines, Lufthansa and others:

As customers we are outraged that you charged us a carbon pollution fee in accordance with EU laws, when actually you successfully lobbied Europe to pause its scheme for a year. You made profit from pollution you never had to clean up. We want airlines to look for climate solutions and so we urge you to invest your share of the $1.8 billion industry-wide profit from our money to be handed over to the European clean skies initiative that does research into making aviation greener.

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Stop the great plane robbery!
It’s the great plane robbery! Airlines like British Airways, United and Lufthansa -- all made enormous profits last year by charging us for an environmental fee they actually never had to pay. Let’s tell these airlines that we want our money back!

The EU was all set to start forcing airlines flying in and out of Europe to reduce their carbon pollution or start paying more. But the airlines kicked up such a big fuss about this that the EU backed off and paused the scheme for a year. Outrageously, the sneaky airlines still inserted this “cost” in our plane fares and flew away with a cool $1.8 billion in profit, money that should have gone to climate solutions. They’ve taken us for a ride, but if we can make things turbulent for them, we can appeal to some of the biggest brands in the industry to clean up their act.

A European clean skies initiative does research into making aviation greener -- the money the airlines have stolen would double the entire budget! Let’s build a giant outcry to get the airlines to return this money and use it to fund efforts to curb their pollution, not fatten their pockets. Sign the petition below -- when 1 million of us sign, we will release online ads on all the leading ticketing websites telling people they were ripped off last year.

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