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A New Deal for Greece, and Europe

To EU leaders and the heads of the IMF and the ECB:

As citizens and taxpayers from across Europe, we call on you to end the austerity policies that have turned Greece’s economic crisis into a humanitarian crisis and are threatening the whole European economy with a contagious recession. We urge you to give Greece a chance to get back on its feet by renegotiating the terms of all loans and agreeing on a new deal that would put the Europe's people above the profits of bankers and creditors.

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A New Deal for Greece, and Europe
The victory of Syriza in Greece promises hope for all of us.

Greek peoplehave responded with a resounding NO to the crushing austerity policies that have ravaged our economies and societies. Across Europe, similar measures have worsened public finances and debt, dismantled health systems, and thrown millions into poverty.

Politicians and economists have been trying to pretend that austerity can work, but now Greece’s new Prime Minister is calling time on this failed policy.

Let's speak with one voice across Europe
for a new dealforGreecethat benefits 99per centof the people,not justthe richest 1%. Click now to join and when we get to 500,000, Avaaz will take our voices directly to the key negotiation rooms that will determine the future of Greece… and
all of us.

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