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Sibal: Hands off our internet freedom!

To Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Kapil Sibal:

As concerned citizens across India we call on you to abandon any attempt to censor the internet. We oppose your proposed measure that would remove "objectionable" content or content that offends "Indian sensibilities" from the web. The internet is an important medium for the free exchange of ideas and unrestricted use of the internet is central to our freedom of speech and democratic rights.

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Recent signers

Kapil Sibal is trying to censor what we see on the Internet. It's crazy -- we don't live in China, this is a democracy! Let's use the Internet and social media to get Sibal to withdraw his ridiculous proposal.

Kapil Sibal, Telecom Minister, is trying to impose a gag order after a website mocked Sonia Gandhi. Now he wants websites to take down anything deemed "objectionable". What an overreaction -- in England people make harsh jokes about the Queen with no consequences. If enough of us tell Sibal it's his plan that's objectionable, he'll see sense and withdraw it.

A national outcry is building right now. Let's join in and send a clear and loud message to Sibal to grow a thicker skin and admit that we're adult enough to read what we want on the net. Sign the petition, and spread the word over the internet:

Posted: 9 December 2011

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