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Honouring Nelson Mandela

To world leaders, the United Nations, businesses and our fellow citizens:

Madiba, your life taught us that even out of the worst oppression, the best in us can rise. We thank you. We will miss you, so much. And we pledge to honour you, by honouring ourselves and each other as you taught us to. We will do better, be better. And fight, as you did, with love.

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We stand with you Madiba Our pledges and our personal messages will be streamed into a memorial near Mandela's home in South Africa, and a live webcast of this site will be placed on this page by tomorrow.

Our world faces such hard times, and great threats, and we have so few truly great leaders to guide us through them. Today we lost one of the greatest of them.

Mandela was not a saint. He grew into greatness, from a young man with anger, into a man who embraced his tormentors with loving strength. If his death is to mean something, it must be to call us higher, to be better, to be the people we're capable of being, that he showed us we're capable of being.

That's the only way to honour him, and honour his legacy. To take it up. It's our banner to carry now. And as his spirit leaves this world, let him hear our promise. We will not fail. We will fight, as you did Madiba, with love.

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