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Hope > Harper

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Let’s just take a minute to let it sink in -- we finally got rid of Stephen Harper!!!

It took over nine years, but we can finally say goodbye to the Conservative government and everything that came with them -- climate denial, corruption, silencing opposition, tax cuts for the rich, pipelines and pollution, and Islamophobia. The nightmare is over!

Many progressive groups did a ton of work to get this done. And the Avaaz community stepped up in a big way, campaigning in some of the closest races -- and a progressive candidate won in every riding we worked in. Together we picked up the phones and connected personally to almost 4,000 Canadians in call-ins to swing ridings in Ontario and BC, urging them to vote for change. Our hard-hitting campaigns ran in ridings across the country, with radio and newspapers ads, lawn signs, and targeted social media. And our banner ad on Harper’s terrible economic record was shared all over Facebook.

No matter who we voted for, our community has a real chance to make sure our new Prime Minister lives up to our hopes and dreams. That’s actually possible now -- let’s call on Trudeau to stick to his promises and to bring a bold, new, green, and totally Canadian agenda to the world, and we’ll deliver the messages to our new PM on his first day in office.

We've fought Harper and his government constantly over the years -- we pushed strategic voting in the 2008 election, shut down Fox News North, hit hard on climate policy, and battled Bill C-51. And in this election we overcame enormous odds. The Conservatives changed our election laws, built an enormous war chest, and even called an outrageously long election so they could spend their way into office. But despite all the advantages, the voice of Canadians rejecting the fear and cynicism of this government cut through -- fourteen Cabinet ministers lost their bids for re-election.

World-saving climate talks are around the corner. A global refugee crisis is unfolding. Big oil companies want to criss-cross our country with pipelines. And after all these years of frustration, we might just be able to meet these challenges with the progressive spirit of the country we love.

Let’s take this chance to work with Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberals to show them the compassionate, inclusive, sustainable vision of the country that so many of us share -- one that we’re so much closer to winning back. Join the celebration and call on Trudeau to be our champion for the Canada we’ve been missing.

We lost some great leaders last night, from Megan Leslie to Paul Dewar to Bruce Hyer, and with a brand new government there’s a lot we don’t know. But the chances of our hopes for Canada becoming a reality are so much better than yesterday. We brought down Harper and took back the country -- and that’s worth celebrating.

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