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India: Schools not sweatshops

To members of the Indian Parliament and global leaders:

We call on the Indian Parliament to pass the Child and Adolescent Labour Abolition Bill by 20 December 2012 that will abolish child labour under 14 years of age and ensure all children can go to school. We also call for a UN roadmap that supports national governments to implement targeted strategies that will get all primary school age children out of work and into school by 2015 and eradicate all child labour by 2020.

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Recent signers

India: Schools not sweatshops

Millions of Indian children are slaving away in brutal conditions right now to pump out holiday presents and decorations for families around the world. But in days, we can help stop their suffering.

Kids as young as five are snatched up by traffickers and forced to work long days in cramped sweatshops, facing violence and abuse. This month Parliament could pass a historic bill to ban child labour, but they're letting it die due to lack of public pressure. If tens of thousands of us strengthen the hand of Indian child rights groups before they meet Parliamentary leaders to show that we care, we can persuade them to push the law through before their session ends.

This is our chance to ensure children are in school, not in sweatshops. Sign the petition calling on Parliament to ban child labour, then share it others.


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