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India: freedom to love

To the Indian Supreme Court and Parliament:

The Indian Supreme Court brought shame on the great country of India by criminalising gay sex. LGBT Indians deserve the right to love just like anyone else. The world is now watching India to see if it plans to join the 21st Century and stand up for love by respecting the human rights of all, as outlined in India’s inspiring constitution.

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India: freedom to love
Two judges have just made same sex love illegal. ILLEGAL!! But if we act fast we can help reverse this backwards ruling.

Adults in India now face life imprisonment just because of who they love. Outraged, several groups are rushing for a review, and as one judge just retired, they could win. But only if enough people across India raise our voices before the review request is filed in the next few days.

Let’s help love conquer fear in India and demand that our justices recognise how far attitudes in India have come since the law was passed in 1860! Sign and share the petition to make love legal, when 100,000 have signed we’ll take out prominent adverts to be sure we get the judges’ attention.

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