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Indonesia: Sandals for Justice

To President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono:

In the wake of the A.A.L. sandal scandal, we call on you to end the criminalisation of children, initiate a fundamental review of the police, and devise urgent reform programmes so that our police carry out their civic duties repsonsibly. This is a time for you to stand with Indonesian citizens -- we count on you to take all necessary steps to bring about a police force that works for the people, not against them.

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Recent signers

Indonesia: Sandals for Justice
Tanda tangani petisi di sebelah kanan ini, dan kirim ke semua orang
Since police in Palu brutally beat fifteen year-old A.A.L. and threatened him with a 5 year jail sentence in the 'sandal scandal', citizens across the country are standing up against police brutality. If we can ramp up public pressure now we could end this abuse.

This is the latest in a series of recent incidents from Aceh to Bima and from Lampung to Cilacap in which the police have turned against our children and vulnerable citizens and abused their power. But people have had enough and are sending a ‘flood of sandals’ to demonstrate their disgust. Now, the police are on the back foot and the government is feeling the heat. If we can build a huge public petition to President Yudhoyono we could force him to rein in our police and initiate critical reforms.

We have to act fast and ramp up the pressure to make sure the system is overhauled and the abuses stop. Let's make A.A.L.'s the last case of police brutality against our kids. Sign the urgent petition to SBY on the right and then share this with family and friends! When we reach 50,000 signers we’ll deliver it directly to the President with a pair of sandals for each 1000 signers.


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