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If enough of us write to the top media editors across the country today, calling on them to stop following Murdoch's lead, we could drown out the phony propaganda and make sure the scientists' global wake up call is on the front pages. Just click the box on the right and add a short note. All of our messages will be sent directly to their inboxes.

Here are some suggestions for what to say:
  • The climate debate is over. Friday’s IPCC report shows overwhelming scientific consensus that humans are causing climate change.
  • The report also provides solutions for how to avert catastrophic climate change.
  • The seriousness of this crisis and the opportunity to stop it requires responsible journalism that reports on the facts and doesn't give airtime to fake science that will delay vital political action.
  • This story is about the future of our planet. Put it on the front page.
Remember to be polite, that will get their attention more than a rant, and include your name, country and email address.