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Burma: Stop the next Rwanda

To President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso and EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht:

As concerned citizens from around the world, we call on you to help stop the violence in Burma that is wiping out the Rohingya. To do this, we call on you to withhold restoring Generalized System for Preferences (GSP) status for Burma unless and until President Thein Sein deploys the forces necessary to protect human lives and begins to hold accountable those committing acts of violence.

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Burma: Stop the next Rwanda
Most people didn't know what was happening to the Rwandans until it was too late, and 800,000 of them were dead. Right now, the fate of Burma's Rohingya people is heading in the same dangerous direction. Racist thugs have distributed leaflets threatening to wipe out this small Burmese minority. Already children have been hacked to death with machetes and unspeakable murders have been committed. All signs are pointing to a coming horror, unless we act.

Genocides happen because we don't get concerned enough until the crime is committed. The Rohingya are a peaceful and very poor people. They're hated because their skin is darker and they 'take jobs away' from the majority Rakhine. There are 800,000 of them, and they could be gone if we don't act. We've failed too many peoples, let's not fail the Rohingya.  

There's one simple thing we can do as a global community of conscience. The EU is considering granting a special trade status to Burma later this month, ostensibly to reward their president for minor reforms. But if we demand they condition that grant on Burmese President Thein Sein acting to stop the violence, that could be the leverage necessary to force him to act. Sign the petition now and let’s stop the next Rwanda.


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