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Gaza: besiege your siege

To the CEOs of ABP, HP, Veolia, Barclays, Caterpillar, and G4S:

In the wake of the terrible war unfolding in Israel-Palestine, we, citizens from around the world, are deeply concerned about your companies’ continued investment in Israeli companies and projects that are complicit in the occupation and repression of the Palestinian people. 17 EU countries recently issued warnings to their citizens against doing business or investing in illegal Israeli settlements. Given those legal considerations, you now have the opportunity to withdraw investments and respect international law. This is a chance to be on the right side of history.

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Recent signers

Gaza: besiege your siege

Enough is enough! -- it’s time to take massive action to end the brutal violence against the Palestinian people.

Here’s how -- we all demand our governments across the region, that claim support for Palestine, to cut lucrative deals with international companies that help sustain the occupation! Let’s make any company that works to repress the Palestinian people a pariah in the Arab World.

Our first target is G4S -- a British company that provides security services and equipment to Israeli military and police to control Palestinians across the West Bank and in prisons. Last year Saudi Arabia allowed G4S to help manage the annual Hajj Pilgrimage. If enough of us call on the Saudi King now to prevent G4S from operating during Hajj in 2014, Avaaz will take the call to the media and challenge the Saudis to stop the hypocrisy.

Click to call on King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to kick G4S out until it ends its complicity with the occupation.

Hajj is a holy ritual for Muslims around the world, and Saudi leaders are responsible for keeping its sanctity. If millions of us put this issue under the spotlight and show them that by keeping G4S they are not fulfilling their responsibility, they will be forced to act. Saudi Arabia does not need G4S -- many companies can replace it.

If the King listens to our outcry, G4S will take a significant economic hit and may reconsider the cost of working in the oppression of Palestinians because their potential contracts with the Arab World greatly outweigh this contract with Israel. We have to show G4S they can’t have both.

Let’s tell King Abdullah that we don’t want this holy rite secured by G4S, and then call on 5 other key banks, pension funds and businesses to pull out of the occupation economy.

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