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Free Italy from corruption now!

To the Minister of justice Severino, to the President of the House of Commons Fini and to the President of the Senate Schifani:

We call on you to take immediate steps to ensure the adoption of a strong anti-corruption law that bars politicians condemned for corruption from running for public office, protects those who report corruption cases, enlarges prescription periods, and strengthens criminal legislation against corrupt behavior, like money laundering and false accounting. The new law must also mandate the ratification of the 1999 Strasbourg Convention against corruption. Only with these measures we can win the battle against the cancer of our democracy once and for all. 

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Recent signers

Free Italy from corruption now!

In days, our Minister of Justice will announce the key elements of a new anti-corruption law that could be the best chance Italy has ever had to stop this crime. But unless we all weigh in now it could be a toothless, useless bill.

This new law could empower judges to fully investigate corruption cases, bar corrupt politicians from standing for office, and protect whistle blowers who denounce abuses and irregularities. But Berlusconi's party is pushing hard to water down the law. Right now with local elections around the corner, our politicians are especially sensitive to public opinion. If enough of us remind them that their vote on this could cost them re-election -- we could get the strong anti-graft bill our country needs.

Corruption costs us, taxpayers, 60 billion euros every year, not to mention its poisonous impact on our democracy. We now have a clear opportunity to curb it. We only have days to influence the process before it is laid before Parliament. Sign the petition to clean up our democracy once and for all, and tell everyone!

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