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Tell Japan: don't sink our climate, clean up these dirty ships

To Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Taro Kono, and Minister of Transport, Mr. Keiichi Ishii :

Maritime shipping impacts the health of our seas, our air and our climate. As citizens from every country in the world, we call on you to bring the world’s ships in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. Technology exists today to transition to a 100% clean shipping fleet by 2050. It is only your level of ambition that will either hold this advancement back or spur it forward. The world and everything we love is counting on your leadership this week.

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Tell Japan: don't sink our climate, clean up these dirty ships
If ships were a country, they'd be the 7th largest climate polluter in the world! But this week, we can turn the tide -- and stop these ships from leaking oil into our oceans and belching smog into our skies.

Ministers from around the world are meeting right now for a vote on cleaning up these climate-killing ships with green technology. But Japan is standing in the way. They're pushing a weak proposal that will delay action until 2060 -- our planet can't wait that long!

Japan is counting on this vote happening in the shadows with no media attention or public scrutiny. And without us, that's just what will happen. We've got no time to lose. As the Japanese delegation meets today let's greet them with a massive petition and ads in the biggest papers in Japan and London.

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