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Hand in hand for Fukushima

To NRA Chairman Shunichi Tanaka and Prime Minsiter Abe:

As concerned Japanese citizens, we welcome your decision to work with the international community to clean up Fukushima. But only by setting up an International Task Force for Fukushima, composed of scientists and experts from Japan and around the world, that are working full-time and independently of state and corporate interests, you can meet the key challenge of developing a coherent, sustainable strategy to stabilise the disaster site. Working hand in hand with such a global team of experts will help you find the safest solutions and avert another disaster.

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Hand in hand for Fukushima

Fukushima is still a nightmare for Japan - day after day, highly radioactive water is contaminating our land and ocean for generations to come. The stakes are high: thousands of nuclear fuel rods need to be moved, and if even a simple mistake gets made we might wake up to the worst nuclear crisis of Japan’s history.

Leak after leak, it’s clear TEPCO is struggling with the task, and experts agree pulling a team of the world's brightest nuclear minds can help Japan deal with this crisis for good. With the world’s attention focusing on the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Prime Minister Abe has started expressing interest -- let’s now build a gigantic, Japan-wide call for an international task force before it’s too late.

Cleaning up Fukushima is a gigantic task -- but an international task force could be the ray of hope to find safe solutions to fix the mess and avert another catastrophe. Let’s seize the new interest from PM Abe and create public support for this innovative idea. Sign the petition to NRA Chairman Shunichi Tanaka to make it happen -- add your name here.

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