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Shut down the nuclear restart

To Fukui Governor Nishikawa and Oi Town Mayor Tokioka:

As concerned citizens, we thank you for withstanding immense pressure to restart the Oi nuclear reactors #3 and #4. The recent stress tests fall far short of addressing our concerns on whether these reactors can withstand a Fukushima-like disaster. We urge you to continue to stand firm -- the future of Japan depends on your decisive leadership now. We’ll stand with you every step of the way.

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Recent signers

Shut down the nuclear restart

PM Noda is rushing to restart nuclear reactors for the first time since 3.11 -- despite failing to fix the broken nuclear safety system that led to the original meltdown. But he can’t do it alone -- he needs local government consent to move forward with any decision to restart.

Fukui’s local leaders have valiantly resisted efforts to restart the 2 reactors at KEPCO’s Oi plant amidst lingering doubts on whether these reactors can withstand a Fukushima-like disaster. But they’re under incredible pressure from Noda and the power industry to cave. If enough of us stand with Fukui’s leaders now, we can shield them from Noda’s relentless squeeze and defer the restart.

Let’s build a huge wave of support for Fukui’s leaders to stand firm against restarting questionable reactors. Sign the petition now -- we’ll deliver it spectacularly to Fukui Governor Nishikawa and Oi Town Mayor Tokioka.


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