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Call Jens Rohde to save the Internet

Tell Jens Rohde to protect the free and open Internet: :


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In hours, a crucial vote will shape the future of our open Internet, and it could go wrong -- but one Danish MEP has the power to stop it. Let’s now ensure he makes the right choice.

After the delivery of our 1 million strong petition to the EU Parliament last week, key parties agreed on a solution that would save the Internet. But then, in a surprise move, Jens Rohde, came out in support of amendments that could allow rich companies to get better internet access and speed than the rest of us. But he does not have the full support of his party and a massive push from us now could stop him.

With EU elections around the corner, if enough of us flood Jens Rohde with calls to action, we can put him under the spotlight and show that citizens will hold him accountable if he caves in to the telecoms lobby.

We only have hours. Call Jens Rohde now and urge him to protect the free and open Internet:

phoneCall his office in Strasbourg: +33 3 88 17 55 69

Send an email to: jens.rohde@europarl.europa.eu

Here’s a few points you can use on the phone and in your email:

  • I am one of over a million citizens urging the EU Parliament to protect the free and open Internet.

  • I urge you to support the compromise amendments proposed by Catherine Trautmann from the S&D group that close the loopholes and ensure strong Net Neutrality protections.

  • I welcome your proposal to abolish roaming fees across the EU, but not if the price we have to pay is the death of Net Neutrality.

  • With elections around the corner, I count on you to show your commitment to the interest of citizens and small and medium enterprises, and not just to the profits of a few powerful Telecom companies.
After your call, leave a comment on the Live-Blog on the right and share your experience with other Avaaz members -- Avaaz will update the page as soon as the results of the vote are in.