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Investigate the Jubilee Jobseeker Scandal

To Home Secretary Theresa May:

As citizens appalled by the lack of care private security firm Close Protection UK (CPUK) has shown for its employees, we call on you to immediately investigate the possible breach of the SIA Approved Contractor Status Terms and Conditions of Approval. We urge you to initiate a review of CPUK’s contract to provide security during the Olympic Games. 

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Investigate the Jubilee Jobseeker Scandal
As Britain sweeps up the debris from the Jubilee celebrations, a dirty secret has just been exposed on how a private security firm bussed young jobseekers into London to work as stewards -- without paying them a penny! We can ensure this firm is held to account.

Close Protection UK has made a juicy profit by taking advantage of jobseekers and apprentices -- the young people were left for hours in the rain, sleeping under a bridge with no access to toilets and food, and had to change clothes in public. But public anger about this scandal is on the rise and Lord Prescott has voiced his concern. Now, if thousands of us call for an investigation, we can ensure the government responds and this abuse does not happen again.

The same firm has been chosen to provide security during London’s Olympics. Let’s call on Home Secretary Theresa May to urgently initiate an investigation into their conduct at the Jubilee and ensure there are no slave workers at the Olympics -- sign the petition to the right and share with your friends!

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