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Who will stop the next genocide?

To the Presidents of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, and Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan:

As concerned citizens, we urge you to speak out in favour of the ICC at the extraordinary Summit of the African Union (AU) when it meets this Friday. Without the political leadership of Nigeria and South Africa and other democracies across the continent, justice could be buried and the ICC could be killed off. We call on you to lead the fight against crimes against humanity and keep Africa in the ICC.

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Who will stop the next genocide?
Picture courtesy of The Forgiveness Project: www.theforgivenessproject.com

In just 2 days time, African leaders could kill off a great institution, leaving the world a more dangerous place. 

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is the world’s first and only global court to adjudicate crimes against humanity. But leaders of Sudan and Kenya, who have inflicted terror and fear across their countries, are trying to drag Africa out of the ICC, allowing them the freedom to kill, rape, and inspire hatred without consequences.
I know that together we can change this. But we have to join hands and call on the voices of reason at the African Union (AU) – Nigeria and South Africa – to speak out and ensure that the persecuted are protected by the ICC. Join me by adding your name to the petition now and share it with everyone -- when we have hit 1 million our petition will be delivered straight into the AU conference hall where Africa’s leaders are meeting in Addis Ababa.

--Desmond Tutu

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