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To Prime Minister Singh:
As concerned Indian citizens, we call on you to immediately pursue real justice for the victims of the Bhopal tragedy. Set up a Special Prosecution Cell to extradite Union Carbide CEO Warren Anderson and hold UCC to account in India. Create an Empowered Commission to execute rehabilitation schemes for survivors and their children. Ensure that Dow Chemical and Union Carbide pay for the full clean-up of the toxic contaminated site, and compensate those affected.

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Bhopal is the worst industrial environmental disaster in history and a brutal human tragedy for hundreds of thousands of Indians.

But after 26 years of waiting for justice, a shockingly weak verdict was just handed down -- 2 years for 7 people, who are now out on bail, and the multinational responsible for the catastrophe is off the hook.

This week, Prime Minister Singh will decide whether to pursue justice or sell out. If enough of us across India act now and stand with the victims of Bhopal, we could tip the balance and finally get justice. We have just 72 hours. Sign below and tell everyone:

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