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United Colors of Bangladeath

To the CEOs of Benetton, Walmart, Children’s Place and other Rana Plaza buyers:

As citizens and consumers, we urge you to immediately pay your fair share into the Rana Plaza Trust Fund to ensure the victims and their families finally get the support they deserve. Your companies continue to profit from cheap labour, but a full year after the horrific factory collapse the fund has nowhere near the $40 million required. We urge you to make a considerable contribution to help achieve this goal or risk substantial damage to your brand.  

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United Colors of Bangladeath
Right now, major fashion labels like Benetton are deciding if they’ll pay their fair share to help the victims of the horrific Bangladesh factory collapse one year ago -- or just weather the media storm and keep squeezing enormous profits out of workers employed in slave-like conditions. Together we can tip the balance.

More than 1,000 workers were crushed under the rubble, and a huge global outcry forced major brands to sign an agreement to stop future disasters and set up a victim’s relief fund. Shockingly, thousands of families are still waiting for the money they desperately need.
But this week we can turn the first anniversary of the tragedy into a massive media storm that makes Benetton pay their fair share.

What happens now could change how clothing giants treat their workers forever. If we make Benetton pay, others will follow. Click to sign and share with everyone -- when we reach 1 million, Avaaz will biltz the media and deliver our voices straight to Benetton's new CEO.

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