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Last chance to save the NHS

To the members of the House of Lords:

The Social and Health Care Bill threatens to leave many of us vulnerable, as our precious National Health System is fragmented, private providers take over and care is rationed. We call on you to stop this damaging bill now and ensure the government's Risk Register is published to enable full debate about the consequences of any reforms. We count on you to save one of our country's most vital institutions.

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Recent signers

Last chance to save the NHS

The battle to save the NHS is now entering its final hours. David Cameron and Andrew Lansley seem determined to drag Britain's most famous institution to its grave, but if we now stand together we can get the House of Lords to stop this bill in its tracks.

Public outrage is gripping the country as the Prime Minister persists with a bill that would dismantle the NHS and open the field to private companies. The government refuses to publish its internal report on the risks of the reforms, one reason among many why thousands of health professionals and many politicians oppose the changes. If we now build a massive outcry we can sway our last line of defence -- the House of Lords -- to save the NHS.

Let's call on the undecided members in the House of Lords to keep the knives off our NHS and ensure we can all read the official risk report -- sign on the right and tell everyone. Our voices will ramp up the pressure as we deliver our petition when we reach key milestones between now and Monday.


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