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Let's get back our Trillion Dollars

To world leaders:

As concerned global citizens, we urge you to end direct handouts to fossil fuel producers, and start the phase-out of schemes that drive demand for dirty energy. We’re on the brink of a climate catastrophe, and redirecting taxpayer support from fossil fuels into clean energy would be the game-changer our planet desperately needs. It’s time to draw a line in the sand -- make ending all polluter payments the top global priority for the Rio Earth Summit.

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Let's get back our Trillion Dollars
A trillion dollars a year! We’re in the middle of a global economic and environmental meltdown, yet this is how much our governments are handing out to dirty energy, the richest industry on earth. It's madness, but finally a few bold countries are speaking out.

New Zealand, Mexico, and Switzerland are leading a call for action at a meeting of world leaders in Rio in June. Slashing these scandalous subsidies now is crucial to saving our planet. But the polluters have a powerful grip over many of our governments. Only massive global public support can drown out the lobbyists of big oil, coal and gas -- it’s what our people-powered movement was born to do.

The agenda for Rio is being finalised now -- this meeting could be our last chance to avert climate catastrophe. Let's give our champions the political teeth they need to stop this trillion dollar trickery. Sign the urgent petition to stop our government's colossal collusion with polluters:

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