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Dear Trump and the Dividers: We are Europe!


"We are Europe. Our power is our diversity and our shared values. We stand as one people, united in hope and determination against attempts to divide us, with fear, prejudice and violence. We will meet fear with love, because our unity is our strength, and our path, to create the world we all want."

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Recent signers

Dear Trump and the Dividers: We are Europe!

Guess WHO's coming to Europe?

A man who calls women “fat pigs” and refuses to rule out dropping a nuclear bomb on Europe. TRUMP himself!

He’s launching his global crusade of hate, just when the far-right is rising and Britain could leave us.

Join now and send Europe a Kiss -- let’s tell him and his European counterparts to keep their hate out of Europe -- we’ll deliver it directly to Trump and his divisive allies and attempt a World Record of Kissing to flood the media with images of unity, not division.