UN Secretary General: Save Madaya from starvation

To UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura, Presidents Rouhani and Erdogan, and all parties to the Syrian conflict:

As citizens from around the world, we are truly horrified by the intentional starvation of the residents of Madaya. We call on you to urgently use your powers to get the siege on Madaya lifted, and to end the blockades on all towns across Syria, while redoubling your diplomatic efforts to achieve a just and lasting peace. Our community will not remain silent in the face of these humanitarian crimes and other atrocities. The power to save countless lives is in your hands.

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In the besieged town of Madaya, starving children are eating tree leaves, cats and insects. The Assad regime is literally starving over 40,000 people to death. It's hard to imagine the suffering of parents watching their kids die from hunger -- but we have a way to help them.

A truce to lift the siege on Madaya and other cities was brokered in September, but civilians are still trapped inside without food and medicine. Aid convoys recently entered town, and with all the world's attention on Madaya, we finally have a chance to get the siege lifted entirely to save the people of Madaya.

Turkey and Iran can work with their allies to do this, but won’t act on their own. If we raise a one million strong outcry calling on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to intervene and work with all sides, we could save thousands of families from starving to death in Madaya.

Ban Ki-moon can do this -- if the siege is lifted, it could set a hopeful foundation for peace talks. And with his service to the UN ending soon, lifting the siege would be a great achievement for his legacy. With enough pressure from each one of us, we can get Ban Ki-moon to be the champion Madaya desperately needs right now.

Add your voice to the urgent petition. Avaaz will take stories and photos from Madaya to the media, the UN, and key foreign ministries until the siege is lifted.

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