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Western Union: Stop the crippling fees!

To Western Union CEO Hikmet Ersek:

As citizens from around the world committed to eradicating global poverty, we call on you to show true corporate leadership and take immediate steps to ensure crucial international remittances to the world’s poorest countries are subject to fair rates. Specifically, we ask you to lower your total fees to a maximum of 5% in all transfers sent home by workers to developing nations.

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Western Union: Stop the crippling fees!

As the new year starts, millions of hard-working men and women gather the money they have saved throughout the year, go to a local Western Union office and wire it to their relatives throughout the developing world. But up to 20% of these savings are taken in transfer fees, allowing companies to make billions of dollars in profit on the backs of the world's neediest.

G8 leading economic powers have called for remittance fees to be reduced to 5%, but Western Union has never faced a public outcry to challenge its shameless profiteering. If we raise our voices loudly now to challenge their predatory fees, we could challenge them to stop.

Sign now and send this onto friends and family -- and we’ll deliver it to the company’s image-sensitive board of directors when the petition reaches 250,000 signers.

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