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Stop illegal wildlife sales on Facebook

To Facebook (Meta), big tech CEOs, and lawmakers across the world:

We urge you to do everything you can to end the extensive illegal wildlife trade on your platforms. Efforts should include restricting suspicious search results, expanding moderation to detect illicit sales, ensuring algorithms don't boost wildlife trade, and cooperating with researchers and law enforcement to ensure wildlife traffickers are brought to justice. Lawmakers, we call on you to urgently enact effective legislation against these crimes.

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Recent signers

Stop illegal wildlife sales on Facebook 

There are only 7,000 cheetahs left in the wild -- yet over 2,000 have been put up for sale on online platforms in the past decade!*

And that's just the start. Abused and terrified tiger cubs, monkeys, bears, and extremely endangered birds have all been found for sale on Facebook. Along with a mountain of illegal ivory, pangolin scales, and butchered animal parts.

It's like a new eBay for endangered wildlife, and sellers are making an absolute killing!

We have to stop them.

Facebook is already facing intense public scrutiny, but stamping out the wildlife trade hasn't been a priority for execs. But with a massive global call and a bombshell exposé we can force this issue into the spotlight and make shutting down the gruesome trade on social media a real priority.

After years of campaigning, it's clear that Facebook only moves when it's exposed in the media -- and together, we can make it happen in no time! Add your voice and tell everyone you can -- sign now!

* CORRECTION: A previous version of this campaign stated that over 4,000 cheetahs have been sold on Facebook in the past decade. However, we were notified that the sources we relied on for this figure (here and here) contained inaccuracies. The correct statistic based on this study is that over 2,000 cheetahs have been put up for sale on online platforms in the past decade. This is still a large number considering that there are only about 7,000 cheetahs left in the wild. We apologise for the confusion and are grateful the correct figure was pointed out to us.