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Stop the Next Pandemic, McDonald's!

To McDonald's CEO, Chris Kempczinski, all major beef purchasers and suppliers, and national industry regulators:

Coronavirus could be just a taste of the terrifying threat we face from superbugs -- and you have a crucial responsibility to protect society. We call on you to urgently pass new policies banning the routine use of all antibiotics in global beef supply chains. You have the power to help prevent the next pandemic -- or keep jeopardising millions of lives in the pursuit of profit. 

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Recent signers

Stop the Next Pandemic, McDonald's! 

Every year 70 billion animals are raised in gruesome factory farms -- pumped with powerful antibiotics to keep them alive and make them grow faster.

It's a horror show for the environment and animal welfare -- but a paradise for pathogens to mutate, multiply and jump to humans. Already 700,000 people die from drug-resistant infections every year, and scientists say it could reach 10 million deaths a year by 2050.

But we can help to change that.

McDonald's is the world's largest beef purchaser -- and it's deciding new antibiotics policies right now. If we push McDonald's to ban them, it could then shift the whole industry towards more sustainable farming.

Let's make it happen! There's almost nothing McDonald's cares about more than its public image -- so if millions of us raise our voices, we could push the meat giant to slash antibiotics and help stop the next superbug pandemic. Sign now and pass this on, fast.