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Canada -- join the party!

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We have three days until a key deadline in the next national party leadership race -- opposition parties are making crucial decisions that could reshape our country and if each of us joins the political party of our choice right now, we can change politics in Canada forever.

The government in power only represents the priorities of 39% of the country, with the rest of our votes split amongst four other parties. But most Canadians think the opposition should cooperate in key contested ridings to make sure the majority is represented in Parliament. Thousands of us joined the NDP when they had their leadership race months ago and created a massive voting block in support of cooperation. The Greens already support cooperation and a key leader of the Liberal Party is moving her party in that direction. Now we need a wave of support from Canadian voters to make cooperation a reality.

We can change the way the opposition behaves by joining their ranks. Click to join the party now -- our voices as members can come together in a massive national call for cooperation and finally make democracy work in Canada: