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Mario Monti: full transparency now -- we won!

To the Prime minister Mario Monti:

We call on you to uphold the basic democratic principles of accountability and transparency by disclosing immediately all relevant information about the incomes, professional relationships and properties concerning you and the ministers of your cabinet. We also you urge you to actively promote a new law that ensures both our government and parliament are open, accessible and accountable to all citizens. It's high time to rid our public institutions of corruption and conflicts of interest as the only way to rebuild our democracy. 

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Mario Monti: full transparency now -- we won!

Mario Monti and his ministers are on the spot over their close links to powerful financial elites. But we can push them to urgently disclose any conflicts of interest and defend our democracy.

Members of the new cabinet have held top jobs in some of Italy's biggest banks and private companies. Now, they need to make important decisions affecting those they've served. We need to make sure they are serving the public interest not their old bosses. A group of MPs is proposing an urgent bill to guarantee our government is transparent and accountable to citizens, and is urgently asking Avaaz to help.

Let's call on Monti now to publish all relevant information on the income and professional relations of his cabinet members, and pave the way for a strong transparency law in Italy. This is the only way for us to fairly judge the actions of the new government! Sign this urgent petition on the right and tell everyone - it will be delivered by key MPs when we reach 75,000 signatures.

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