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The Murdoch media menace: full investigation now!

To: David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt :

If Vince Cable isn't impartial to make decisions about the BSkyB takeover, neither is Jeremy Hunt. Jeremy Hunt is an outspoken supporter of Rupert Murdoch. We demand that Jeremy Hunt passes Ofcom's report straight to the competition commission for a full-scale investigation, without political interference. This is the only way for the government to ensure due process and a fair media future for us all.

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Recent signers

The Murdoch media menace: full investigation now!

How we act now will help determine the future of our democracy. In new years to come will our media be dominated by a few corporate bullies or sustained by diverse independent voices?

The prime minister has stripped Vince Cable of responsibility for judging the BSkyB media takeover because Cable stated strong views on Rupert Murdoch. But David Cameron has given the task to another minister who’s clearly biased. Jeremy Hunt says he is a massive Murdoch fan and we can’t trust him to stop Murdoch dragging our public debate into the gutter, as he has already done in the US.

Let’s show Jeremy Hunt and David Cameron how we feel. If we make a big fuss the government won’t be able to wave through the Murdoch deal, and will be forced to order a full and fair review by the Competition Commission. Let's urgently sign the petition and forward it as widely as possible -- it will be delivered on New Year's Eve.

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