Clean up UK media!

Murdoch's fall from grace has opened a once-in-a-generation opportunity to strengthen our democracy -- politicians are thinking about new rules for our media.

A 20% limit on media ownership would cut his stranglehold on our democracy. But MPs may not go that far unless they are forced. A new direct democracy initiative will trigger a parliamentary debate when we reach 100,000 signatures.

Let's ensure that people like Murdoch can never again control our media and our politics and demand that all parties pledge to limit ownership to 20%. Click below/above to sign the petition on the official government website! 

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To British political leaders:
We call on you to enact strong media regulation legislation which ensures that no single private company or individual controls more than a fifth of our media. The recent News of the World hacking scandal clearly shows the dangers of too much media ownership concentrated in one person’s hands. We urge you to protect our democracy from Murdoch and other media moguls once and for all.