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Stop Nestlé's water grab

To Governor Jerry Brown and the California Water Resource Control Board:

While California is facing record drought conditions, it is unconscionable that Nestlé would continue to bottle the state’s precious water, export it, and sell it for profit. As a concerned citizen, I call on you to immediately stop Nestlé’s bottling operations in California, and to implement new, sustainable regulation that protects California’s underground and aboveground water. We urge you to put current and future generations before the profits of powerful corporations and industries. 

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Stop Nestlé's water grab

This is totally outrageous. California is drying up and people are rationing water and worried about running out completely. At the same time, Nestle, which make billions every year, is taking hundreds of gallons of water, bottling it and selling it for 1000% profit!

There's more, they're plundering the people's water using some permits that have been expired for 27 years, they aren't reporting how much scarce water they're taking and no one is stopping them.... yet.

But Avaaz staff are running at renting huge billboards across from Governor Brown's office and we can build a national call to shut down Nestle's water grab that he'll see every time he looks outside. Sign the petition to help make this huge.

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