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Stop the NHS sell-off

Add your number if you’d like to hear from us by phone or text.
Use these talking points to help you write your message:
  • As a past or future NHS patient, I care deeply about the future of British healthcare
  • Thank you for backing down from forced privatisation. Now Please keep the government promise to let doctors decide how to run our health services
  • Make sure Monitor, the new health regulator, interprets the new rules as letting doctors decide.
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Help stop Health Minister Hunt from selling pieces of our precious NHS to the highest bidders. Email him directly using the form on the right.

We prevented Jeremy Hunt caving into Rupert Murdoch’s lobbyist, but now Health Minister Hunt wants to sell pieces of our precious NHS to the highest bidders. Let’s stop him again.

Doctors have taken to the airwaves to denounce Hunt’s damaging prescription for the NHS, while the Eastleigh by election and economic gloom have made the Tories hyper-sensitive to public criticism. So if we join the doctors and tell Hunt loud and clear that the NHS is not for sale, we can stop him handing over our health to massive companies.

The minister may publish the new NHS guidelines tomorrow, so let’s raise our voices now. Send a message to Jeremy Hunt, calling on him to make good the government’s promise not to privatise our health service, then share this with everyone!
Posted: 12 March 2013

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