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Turkey: No Internet censorship!

To The Information and Communications Technologies Authority (BTK):

We call on you to withdraw any regulations that include mandatory content filtering for Internet users in Turkey and immediately reverse the "Rules and Procedures on the Safe Use of the Internet". The new BTK system established on February 22 clearly violates the European Convention on Human Rights, the Turkish Constitution, and infringes on our right to freedom of expression and information.

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Recent signers

Turkey: No Internet censorship!

Our government is trying to censor the Internet. A new regulation would force every single Internet user in Turkey to submit to extensive content filtering when they go online.

The BTK is pushing regulations that would force each of us to choose between one of four Internet filters that block us from accessing hundreds of words and websites. No computer in the country will have access to the Internet without signing up for this censorship. And, to top it off -- the government will not release the list of websites blocked by each filter.

The new system is a violation of our right to freedom of expression and access to information, and it has absolutely no legal basis under Turkish law. The BTK is under enormous pressure already, facing backlash from across the country. We can unite the opposition -- creating the largest petition in Turkey's history against Internet censorship and for freedom of information. Sign the petition now, and forward it to everyone.

BTK's Internet censorship violates the European Convention on Human Rights and the Turkish constitution. And yet they're still trying to force it through.

The BTK claims they are providing families with an important service, and that if we choose the "standard" filter, our Internet access won't change. But this is clearly a lie to generate support for censorship. The filters are already readily available for download by anyone who wishes to install them -- this regulation will make filters mandatory. The BTK would have total control over which internet sites are blocked under the filters and could add or remove sites without our knowledge -- giving them the power to ban thousands of new websites without any good reason.

We can stop the BTK from taking away our right to freely access information on the internet. Click below to sign the petition and Avaaz will deliver it to the BTK and the government.

The wave of democracy movements that is building across the planet has been spawned online -- and proven that our ability to stay informed, express ourselves freely, and communicate with each other is critical to our ability to tackle all the other pressing issues facing our country and our world. If we fight this regulation and win, it will be a victory for every other issue we care about. Let’s seize this moment!

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