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Stop military rape in Okinawa

To Governor Nakaima:

The latest allegations of rape against two US servicemembers stationed in Okinawa demand urgent action from you and from the Japanese and American governments. Not only must swift justice be brought in this case, but it is time to put an end to the frequent impunity afforded to US servicemembers who commit crimes in Japan. We call on you to investigate why so many alleged crimes by US servicemembers go unpunished, including whether any written or unwritten agreements between the US and Japan may be to blame, and to end this impunity once and for all.

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Recent signers

Stop military rape in Okinawa

Like you, my heart broke when I heard about the young woman raped by American soldiers Tuesday morning in Okinawa. Ten years ago, that young woman was me.

I’ve spent the last decade fighting to bring justice to Japan, where thousands of crimes like the one that changed my life have been committed by American soldiers, but only a few are punished. With this tragedy in the headlines, we have a rare opportunity to force the government to listen and act.

This Friday, I’ll be addressing the national media to call on the governor to pursue swift justice in this case and end US military impunity in Okinawa, but to succeed we need to show Governor Nakaima that the victims of these crimes don’t stand alone -- so please sign the petition on the right and share with others.

With hope,

Jane Fisher

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