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No reward for the island of fear

To the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group:

As citizens of the Commonwealth we urge you to stop Sri Lanka from hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting this year in Colombo. Hosting this meeting would automatically make it the Chair of our 54-nation grouping at a time when the country faces serious allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed largely against it’s Tamil minority population. Until such time that Sri Lanka commits to allowing independent investigators into the country to investigate these allegations it should not enjoy the privilege of heading the Commonwealth. 

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No reward for the island of fear
In 2 days, ministers can rein in a dangerous government with blood on its hands. Sri Lanka wants to gain respectability by heading the 54-nation Commonwealth, but several governments have opposed this and if we strengthen their hand right now we can force Sri Lanka to heal the country’s wounds.

Sri Lanka has ended its civil war by brutally suppressing the Tamil Tigers, leaving many women and children dead and strong video evidence of war crimes. Over 100,000 Tamils are missing but Sri Lanka refuses to allow international investigators or foreign journalists to visit the area. The country remains an island of fear.

Canada is leading the charge to stop Sri Lanka hosting and chairing the Commonwealth club of nations. Other governments are on the fence, and if we raise a huge outcry for human rights from across our 54 countries right now, we can get ministers to offer the prestige to a country which deserves it, and force Sri Lanka to account for its abuses. Sign now, and share widely -- we only have 48 hours.

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