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Nobel Peace Prize for Greek Islanders

To the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee:

Ordinary residents of Greek islands and other volunteers have been on the front lines of Europe’s refugee crisis for months, opening up their hearts and homes to save hundreds of thousands flee-ing war and terror. For their compassion and courage, for treating those in danger with humanity, and for setting an example for the rest of the world to follow, we citizens from around the world, nominate these brave women and men for a Nobel Peace Prize.

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Recent signers

Nobel Peace Prize for Greek Islanders
Since the very beginning of the refugee crisis, fishermen, housewives, pensioners, teachers -- ordinary residents of the Greek islands and other volunteers have opened their homes and hearts to save refugee children, men and women fleeing war and terror.

They've even risked their own lives to rescue thousands from the freezing sea waters.

With their actions, they drowned fear and racism in a wave of compassion and reminded the whole world that we are one, united humanity, above races, nations and religions. Now we have a massive opportunity to help them shine their light even brighter, and show governments that people care and demand urgent action.

A petition launched by an Avaaz member asking for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to these unsung heroes is going viral, and with the support of our global community they could stand a chance. The deadline for the nomination closes in days. Vote in support now and share this with everyone by email, on Twitter, Face-book… everywhere -- Avaaz is working with leading academics to submit this unique citizens’ nomination.

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