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Marine park the size of Mexico!

To US President Obama:

As concerned global citizens we urge you to expand the Pacific Remote Island Monument, and all its protections from extractive activities, to the full 200-nautical-mile limit of US jurisdiction. By creating the world's largest ocean sanctuary, you will not only preserve one of the richest collections of coral reef, seabird, and shorebird areas on Earth, but also contribute to protecting our oceans for generations to come.

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Marine park the size of Mexico!
Right now, the US government is receiving public comments on whether or not to create the world's largest network of Marine Protected Areas in the Pacific Ocean.

President Obama is under enormous pressure from an influential fishing lobby to water down the plan and leave most of this area unprotected. We can’t let that happen -- coral reefs are dying, and fish are disappearing from our seas. Scientists say the best solution is to declare large areas off limits to all exploitation so that marine life, including valuable fish stocks, can recover. Four years ago, we helped persuade the UK government to create a massive marine sanctuary in the Indian Ocean. The UK Foreign Ministry cited our huge global campaign in its announcement. That reserve is bigger than the size of Germany and Italy put together. The one Obama could expand in the Pacific would be about twice as huge!

We can do it again -- insiders tell us that if we send Obama a tidal wave of global public support now, we will empower him to counter internal opposition and save our oceans for generations to come. Sign the petition and tell everyone -- let's deliver one million voices before the August 15th deadline.

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