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Stop jailing Palestinian children!

To UK Foreign Secretary William Hague:

As citizens from countries across the Middle East and North Africa, we call on you to help end systemic abuse of Palestinian children in Israeli custody. A report funded by your own office documents violations of the Geneva Convention and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. We urge you to lead the European Union in pressing the Israeli government to implement these recommendations and respect Palestinian children’s rights -- including fair trial standards, no nighttime arrests, not imprisoning children under age 14, and abiding by all internationally guaranteed children’s rights.

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Recent signers

Stop jailing Palestinian children!

Right now, nearly 200 Palestinian children are in Israeli military prisons, many snatched from their West Bank homes in terrifying midnight raids. But if we get behind a recent official report, we can stop hundreds more having their childhoods ripped from them.

Kids as young as 12 are blindfolded, interrogated and abused, then tried in military courts -- mostly for throwing stones at well-armed settlers or soldiers. A recent report for the UK Foreign Office documents systemic violations of child detainees' rights under international law. If enough of us appeal to Foreign Secretary William Hague, we can persuade him to follow through on this report and lead the European Union in pressing the Israeli government to end these outrages.

Global pressure already forced Israel to establish a military youth court -- let’s go further. When 20,000 people have signed, Avaaz will stage a protest in front of Hague’s office with the faces of child detainees, urging him to lead strong diplomatic action to end Israel’s abuse of Palestinian children once and for all. Sign now and send to all your friends.


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