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Time for Palestine

To European leaders and all UN member states:

We urge you to endorse the legitimate bid for recognition of the state of Palestine and the reaffirmation of the rights of the Palestinian people. It is time to turn the tide on decades of failed peace talks, end the occupation and move towards peace based on two states.

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Recent signers

Time for Palestine

If you have already signed the petition please send an urgent message below.

This is huge -- In days the UN could vote to recognize Palestine as a state -- helping to end 40 years of repression and violence. And we could tip the balance for the vote.

A “yes” vote could lead to two states, Palestine and Israel, living side by side in peace and security. But leaked memos show the US, captured by extremist right-wing groups that spend up to $100M per year on lobbying and elections, is quietly bullying Europe to crush this vote.

Polls show massive public support for a Palestinian state, and leading experts say it might be a last chance for peace, but weak European leaders are actually considering selling out both peace and their own democracies rather than stand up to extremists in the US. They think the public won't care if peace and the Palestinians are sacrificed one more time. Let's show them how wrong they are.

If the UK, Germany, France and Spain support the Palestinian bid it will have the clout and financial backing it needs to kick start a new chapter for freedom and peace. Let's flood them with messages asking them to announce their support:

French President's Webform: http://www.elysee.fr/ecrire/
UK Foreign Secretary's email: private.office@fco.gsi.gov.uk
German Foreign Minister's email: presse@diplo.de
Spanish Prime Minister's Webform: https://portal-scc.presidencia.gob.es/ciudadan@s/contacto.jsp

Here are some talking points to use as a guide when you write your message:

  • there has already been decades of occupation and repression by Israel of the Palestinian people
  • for years the US and Israel have held peace hostage to processes that have only led to more illegal colonisation of palestinian lands
  • the US and Israel should not get away with bullying the rest of the world to vote 'no' to what is morally and strategically right
  • currently there is not even a peace process in play
  • this is a new chance to balance the equation and kick start a new path towards freedom and peace
  • if the bid fails, we may have decades more of violence and extremists will win more ground
  • it is time for Palestine - this is a legitimate, non-violent, diplomatic proposal that deserves Europe's full support
  • the UN, World Bank and IMF say that the Palestinians are ready to run their own state
  • majorities of people across Europe and 2/3rds of world leaders already support Palestine statehood
Remember to be polite -- we'll be far more convincing if we are reasonable and courteous.

Spain, France, Germany and the UK are still on the fence. Use the talking points above to help you write a message on their leaders facebook pages. Or copy the message below and click on the links below to paste it on their pages: 

As concerned citizens, we urge you to stand on the right side of history in the face of Israeli and US pressure, and support the Palestinian resolution at United Nations General Assembly. It is the best path to peace and freedom and the public wants it. Now is the time for Palestine.

Click to reach François Hollande's page

Click to reach to Sec. Hague's page

Click to reach FM Westerwelle's page

Click to reach PM Rajoy's page


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