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President Obama: Protect Papahānaumokuākea

To US President Barack Obama, Hawai'i Governor Ige, and Senators Hirono and Schatz:

To secure the future of our planet, we need to protect the beautiful biodiversity that sustains it. The proposed marine national monument at Papahānaumokuākea is an opportunity for your government and the world to take the kind of dramatic steps we need. As concerned citizens with a stake in our seas, we call on you to make Papahānaumokuākea the largest protected space in the world, one with the maximum possible boundaries, a place we can look to for hope and inspiration.

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President Obama: Protect Papahānaumokuākea
The largest swath of protected ocean ever -- home to turtles, sharks and ancient coral -- could be created in weeks, simply with Obama's signature.

Hawaiʻians call the place Papahānaumokuākea, and for many it's sacred -- a place that should be protected for generations. And large-scale protection is exactly what scientists say we need if we want to stop garbage from outnumbering fish in our dying oceans. But major commercial fishing interests are lobbying tooth and nail against it -- putting their narrow interest above the planet’s.

President Obama is a Hawai'i native, a local hero, and insiders say he wants to hear from the international community, knowing that protecting the ocean is a global task. If we build a huge wave of global support and deliver voices from Hawai'i to the White House, we can convince Obama to make history! Sign now.

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