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World Leaders: Protect the Paris Agreement

To World Leaders:

As global citizens, deeply concerned by Donald Trump's signal that he will withdraw the USA from the Paris Climate Agreement, we call on you to move ahead with plans to bring carbon emissions to zero through 100% clean energy, and to provide funding to the most vulnerable, regardless of the direction the new President takes. We also call on you to send a clear message to Mr Trump that the Paris accord is in US economic and security interests, and ensure the rest of the world speeds up if he slows the US down. Your leadership is more critical than ever to avoid climate disaster.

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Recent signers

World Leaders: Protect the Paris Agreement
In 68 days, President Trump could go to war with climate action. But governments are at their annual climate summit right now. If we act fast,​ we could get them to lock in progress before he can destroy everything we worked for.

Germany, China, India, Brazil, the climate vulnerable countries, and others are reasserting their commitment to the Paris climate deal, but if enough of us call for it we could get them to urgently lock in the way to zero climate pollution, and even use their power to demand the US keeps its Paris promise.

Let's ask them to make a strong statement for climate action, regardless what Trump does. Avaaz has staff inside the summit, if a million of us join this call fast, it'll be delivered directly to governments.

Sign the Paris protection petition and share widely.

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