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Ukraine: The People's Plan for Peace

To Ukrainian interim President Turchinov, Russian President Putin, US President Obama, German Chancellor Merkel and the leaders of Europe:

As global citizens gravely concerned about the crisis in Ukraine and its potential to tumble into catastrophic conflict for the region and the world, we call on you to engage diplomatically to achieve a resolution that includes: 1) immediate talks to resolve the crisis with guarantees for rights of minorities; 2) the withdrawal of Russian troops back to their bases, and; 3) internationally-monitored elections to determine the country’s future. You have an obligation to come together to negotiate for a peaceful resolution to the crisis and resist the posturing that could set us on a path to war.

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Ukraine: The People's Plan for Peace
Ukrainians are scared. 48 hours ahead of the Crimean referendum that could raise tensions to a breaking point, one trigger happy soldier could turn their country into the next Syrian nightmare. But now, they're calling on us for help to bring their message of peace to world leaders.

We've watched Egyptian democratic dreams twisted into a military dictatorship and seen peaceful protests in Syria hijacked by extremists and transformed into a bloody battlefield -- Ukraine can't be next. A poll just revealed that a majority of Ukrainians want to be a bridge between Russia and the West, not a battlefield -- let's echo their call and make sure the world listens.

Right now, US and Russian ministers are meeting -- but they remain entrenched in their positions, unable to agree on anything close to a peace plan. Let’s build a massive call for peace that drowns out the war mongers and give world leaders a mandate for a middle path. When we reach 1 million, Ukrainian voices will deliver the united ‘People’s Plan for peace’ straight to all decision-makers at the center of the crisis. Sign now and tell everyone.

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